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Brands that resonate are brands that win.

Hi, I’m Laura. And for over 20 years I've created strategic brands and marketing systems to help businesses profit and grow.

Over 20 Years of Brand Success Stories

The Impact of a data-driven brand

What does a strong brand strategy do for your business?

A sample of the measurable impact of a great brand and marketing strategies I have implemented:

  • 59% increase in YOY conversions on an ecommerce website

  • Increase leads generated from website from 2-3/mo to 5-10/wk for a regional construction contractor

  • 35% open / 3.5% CTR email mktg (vs 19.7% / 1.7% nat'l avg) for a property manager

Most of my engagements have paid for themselves through growth in the first 12-24 months after launch.

Position for Success

Streamline your Marketing System

In addition to new and refreshed brands, I am available as an ongoing marketing strategist, including monthly KPI review, distributed team management, and strategic implementation.This option is best for businesses owners that want an effective marketing director, creative director, or project director who will build a plan and get it done - without friction, and without needing to hire that person in-house. Examples include:

  • Run a client's marketing system as a fractional CMO and provide a single-stream monthly report on KPIs and strategic plans for the next month

  • Client-side director for a website project, for clients not knowledgable about how to speak developer or get a specific result from a new website build

  • On-site creative direction for a product photo shoot to ensure it aligns with brand and communication goals

I am also able to assist in an advisory capacity for start-ups and bootstrapped entrepreneurs who prefer to self-implement.

Effective marketers don't begin with a solution.
Instead, we begin with a group we seek to serve, a problem they seek to solve, and a change they seek to make.

-Seth Godin

Customer-first strategy

Everything starts with knowing your customer base.

The Customer Avatar and Customer Journey are at the center of everything I do.

  • You'll better understand who your customer is and what drives their decisions

  • You'll have hard data that refutes or validates assumptions about your audience

  • You'll understand what's working and where opportunity exists for positioning with your customer base through a Communications Audit and Competitive Analysis

Discover ➡ Define ➡ Design ➡ Deploy

I've been developing and refining this process over 20 years. The result? We'll be empowered to make strategic decisions about your business, from effective communication strategies and an engaging brand, to a system that drives tangible results.

Services & Capabilities


Strategic Planning
Customer Profile & Value Journey
Marketing & Sales Funnel
Materials Audit


Campaign Planning
Logo & Visual Identity System
Brand Guide

Design & Digital

Website UX
Mascot Development
Automation Systems
Inbound & Social Strategy


Revenue Operations
KPIs & Campaign Management
Vendor Coordination
Ongoing Strategic Advisory

We knew we needed a renewed focus on marketing to stand out in front of our global competition. Laura’s blueprint provided a plan and a way forward to build a globally competitive brand.
Jennifer McBride, VES

More than anyone else, Laura took the time to understand us. She was able to develop a cohesive brand identity and marketing strategy that spoke to who we are and what we are about.
As someone who admits to knowing little about strategic marketing, I was impressed with Laura’s ability to present a plan that I could understand and follow. Laura walked us through the plan step-by-step with a well-designed and professional presentation that was unique to our business and our market.

Shawn Rauckman, PHD Academy

At the conclusion of our project, the large rebrand of an older company, the result was a 40% increase in conversion - so it was a major win.
We know we can rely on Laura to execute the whole side of the brand marketing part of our business.

Casey Havenor, K-9 Dryers

As our company grew we found greater hurdles in trying to get our ideal kinds of customers. There were a lot of other companies starting to see us as a competitor and we needed to be ready to take them head on. Laura showed us a great, step by step way for us to build a brand to take on and dominate the competition.
Becki Rockow, Rock & Tait Exteriors

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